Désolée pour ceux qui ne maîtrisent pas assez bien la langue de Shakespeare pour pouvoir suivre ce qui va suivre, mais globalement il n’y a rien de plus que ce qui est indiqué dans le billet précédent). 

As I read what is written by some of my followers I know that most of you don’t speak french, and have questions… Well, from now I’ll try to publish in french AND in english versions 🙂 (I’ll try, but forgive me if I lack of time or misuse english !).

About my last post, few answers :

– It’s a turquish dress, like those which were worn at Marie-Antoinette court. Oriental gowns were very fashionable in the last decade of her reign. All the “robes à la française” were out of fashion…

– The velvet I used is silk velvet, made in Lyon, exactly the same that was used at the end of 18th century. In fact, my fabric was very narrow which prooves that I has been made with a very old weaving machine (quite impossible to find nowadays).

– I have only one picture of the back of my gown, here it is (on the left) :

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