Voici quelques unes des dernières pièces d’époques arrivées dans ma collection. Si certains d’entre-vous les ont déjà vus sur Facebook, voici quelques images “exclusives” 😀
Bon, par contre, j’en suis désolée mais je manque de temps pour écrire et du coup le texte sera en anglais uniquement (c’est plus simple pour moi à vrai dire d’écrire directement en anglais que de réfléchir à une traduction :x).
Here are some “new” items from my antique costumes wardrobe. If some of you already saw them on Facebook, I want to share some new pics. For once, all explanations will be in english 😀
Bodice, ca. 1907
The first bodice has a 1900’s typical front shape, but the waist line is quite high (but not as much as in the 1910’s). It closes on the back, has long sleeves and no collar. It’s seamed with black sequins and made with black silk mousseline. The lining used to be in silk but as always, it’s totaly ripped to shreds. The boning is made from real whalebones.




Bodice, ca. 1910

The second bodice was made later, as the waist line is higher. Half-sleeved (ideal for tea-time). Made with black silk mousseline and calais laces, sequins. And silk lining in very bad condition… Front closes (with fastener) under a fake lace jabot. The boning is made from real whalebones.








Jacket, ca. 1905

This is a velvet jacket, circa 1905. It was wore open wide above a shirt and with a long skirt. It has black appliques on the front, and the silk lining starts falling in small shreds (as you can see it on the pics). There’s no boning. The end of the straight sleeves (no curved sleeves) is split in two parts.







Bodice, ca. 1900

The last bodice is a gift 🙂
The sleeves are amazing and the lace decorations are very nice. The black silk is in average condition but the flowers in front are very worn :'(. The coton lining and the metal boning are in good conditions.







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